International Academy For Learning Martial Arts,Manipur,India



I would like to welcome you to International Academy for learning Martial arts Manipur, India.In today's high-tech society, it is important for one to stand against modern hardships, maintaining fitness, both physically and mentally.We at International Academy for learning Martial arts Manipur strive for happiness and success in life through the building of a healthy body and a strong mind.

Our curriculum is designed to teach not only self defense, but also a strong foundation for a positive way of life. Students of all ages learn discipline and respect; children gain self-control while adults experience reduced stress.

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts
There are many subtle benefits that you will come to realise once you start. Some of these will be unique to you and you will improve aspects of your life that you may not initially consider. Martial Arts is not all about `biff'. It is a study of the physical, the mental and the spirit within you. At IALMAM students are taught virtues including respect, empathy, wisdom and many other principles. In fact, the meaning of IALMAM is “Compassionate View". Here are some of the universal benefits of learning and practicing Martial Arts.

Physical Fitness: If you need to gain fitness and lose some weight, a workout in the gym can be a little boring. Training at IALMAM not only provides the physical workout but the mind receives a workout as well.

Family Participation: Martial Arts is one of the few sports that ALL family members can participate at the same time - together. The class is made of students of all ages and from all walks of life and many of the younger students. train with their Mum and Dad. If you needed an activity that builds a stronger bond with your children, this is the one.

Learn How to Defend Yourself: Students are actively encouraged to use their wisdom and avoid conflict. Safety is first. If you or your children happen to end up in a `situation', the skills and training you receive at IALMAM give you the best possible chance to defend yourself.

Gain Confidence: Developing the skills and techniques of Martial Arts will improve your confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline - for you and your children. This will flow through to all aspects of life, including your work. Tasks, people and problems will not be intimidating and you'll look forward to these challenges... and succeed!

Stress relief: With such busy lives at work and at home, training provides essential relief. Once you enter the Academy, you leave the outside world behind and totally endure yourself in the learning of your martial arts.

At IALMAM, there are students from all aspects of our community including managers, engineers, physiotherapists, IT, accountants, artists, photographers, students, etc. Once in the door, we're all students. 

Be a Better Student: For those who study - from primary school through to university and beyond - training will  increase your concentration and this will very often pays off in the form of better grades and high scores in your studies.

" We sincerely hope our Academy may serve and benefit you in any way possible."

Very Truly Yours,

GM/Dr. Jugeshwor Kshetrimayum
Black Belt 7th Degree
Founder of IALMAM